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How do I apply my De Blangy gel color?

Each gel color is sent with a base/top coat, which is necessary for the best color change results, and for long-lasting wear.
Step 1 – Apply the base/top coat (allow 5 minutes drying time between applications)
Step 2 – Apply two coats of gel color (allow 5 minutes drying time between applications)
Step 3 – Apply a top coat for the best shine
Step 4 – Allow 30 minutes for a perfectly dry manicure


How do I change the color of my gel polish?

It’s really easy! To change the color for the first time, hold your fingers under hot water from your faucet. The water should be around 45°C (~110°F). The color changes in about 3 seconds. To go back to the first color, just place your fingers in ice water of about 5°C (~40°F) and lightly move your fingers around. Depending on the temperature of the water, the color will change in 30 to 40 seconds.


When will I receive my gel color?

Once your order is placed and the payment verified, you should receive your gel color in about 15 business days. Yes, it’s a bit long we know…bear with us as we are starting out :) In the coming months, we will be working to reduce the delivery time to a few business days only.


Will there be additional colors?

New colors will be introduced each quarter. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to be informed!


Where is De Blangy gel color made?

Our gel colors are made 100% in France.


Why can’t I buy the Magic Brush on the website at this time?

We are hoping to be able to make the Magic Brush available for purchase by the end of the year. We are still conducting tests on the brush to perfect it. As soon as the Magic Brush is available, we will let everyone know.


When can I buy semi-permanent De Blangy color gel?

We will be making semi-permanent gel colors available for purchase before the summer. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

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